HIV-1 Quant Dx

One Assay. Multiple Uses

Streamline and simplify HIV-1 testing in your lab.

The Aptima HIV-1 Quant Dx assay is intended for use as an aid in the:

  • Diagnosis of HIV-1 infection.
  • Confirmation of HIV-1 infection.
  • Clinical management of patients infected with HIV-1.
Contact a rep about the Aptima HIV-1 Quant Dx assay for the diagnosis of HIV-1

A highly sensitive assay for detection and quantitation of HIV-1 RNA.

Limit of Detection (LoD): The Aptima HIV-1 Quant Dx assay can detect HIV-1 RNA as low as 12 copies/mL using a 0.5-mL sample.1

The Aptima HIV-1 Quant Dx assay offers the advantage of having an LoD that is not equal to the lower limit of quantitation (LLoQ) when utilized for diagnosis, to enable the assay to detect HIV-1 viral load below quantifiable levels.

LLoQ: The Aptima HIV-1 Quant Dx assay reports HIV-1 viral load as low as 30 copies/mL.1

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Broad linear range.

The Aptima HIV-1 Quant Dx assay accurately quantifies HIV-1 RNA, from 30 to 10 million copies/mL.1

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Repeatable, reliable results.

The Aptima HIV-1 Quant Dx assay delivers high precision in quantitation, with a narrow coefficient of variation across the linear range—including in low-viremia samples—for results you can trust.1

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Ensures HIV-1 can be accurately quantified across major groups and subtypes.

The LoD has been thoroughly verified across HIV-1 groups M, N and O with multiple replicates and multiple reagent lots.1

The LLoQ has been thoroughly established and verified across HIV-1 groups M, N and O.1,2

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Thoughtful assay design to guard against mutations.

The Aptima HIV-1 Quant Dx assay provides 3 levels of protection for confidence in assay performance despite drug selection pressures and growing genetic diversity3:

  • Dual-target approach for built-in redundancy, with both targets chosen within highly conserved genomic regions of HIV-1 (LTR and pol) to ensure accurate detection and quantitation.
  • Sophisticated primer design—including length—to tolerate mutations.
  • Redundant oligonucleotides for additional protection.

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Real-time TMA: Proprietary amplification technology from Hologic.

Learn how real-time TMA technology ensures accurate detection and quantitation of HIV-1 RNA through highly specific and sensitive target capture.

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